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Carlos Rivas
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Who Am I?

I'm an active CS student ready to dive into the tech industry.
Having started my journey in middle school at the age of fourteen, I have actively pushed myself to learn as much as I can about software. I have progressed from self-learning various programming languages, to building my first game engine, to running my first website, to publishing my first iOS app. I understand that our world has become heavily dependent on software, and I am here to help meet this present-day requirement.
I am passionate about building useful and efficient software to meet our world's demand. I want to be able to create products that will be reached by many and will help those achieve complicated goals with the use of modern-day technology. I want to be part of our high-tech future, and I want to be able to bring an impact to all societies of our world. I will not let any opportunities slip by, and I will work hard to achieve any goals set on my path.
20 years old
Birmingham, AL, USA
University of Alabama at Birmingham
English and Spanish
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iOS Development

Self-studied iOS development. Developed a few learner iOS apps throughout my studies and successfully published one on the Apple App Store.
Web Development
Learned web development in high school, but self-studied more in-depth topics to build more complex web apps. Have two websites running live.
Game Development
Worked on game projects during school breaks. Have gained experience with Unreal Engine and Unity. Have published one game on the Google Play Store.
Other Notable Skills
Have taken the time to learn useful tools for sofware development. This includes Git for version control, the Vim programming environment, and the Linux CLI.
Programming Languages
TypeScript / JavaScript
C / C++
My Resume
Notable Projects
iOS App
July 2020
Dream Trade
A stock market sim app that offers real-time prices, virtual money, and thousands of stocks to simulate trading in the real markets.
What I Learned
Learned the process of building a backend and integrating modes of communication with the front-end. Also learned the more-efficient programmatic method of building responsive UIs using UIKit.
Tech Stack
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • CocoaPods
  • TypeScript
  • Google Cloud
  • Firebase
Web App
April 2020
The Algorithm Viewer
An algorithm visualizer that helps learn programming algorithms with live animations. Includes code examples, complexities, and explanations.
What I Learned
Learned to apply my knowledge of algorithms and data structures into a real software application by using Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Also learned important details and best practices for web development.
Tech Stack
  • Javascript
  • HTML / CSS
  • Amazon S3
Android App
December 2019
Shape Fall
An Android game made through Unity. It challenges the player to act fast and think ahead. Matching shapes is not so easy after all. Up for the challenge?
What I Learned
Learned to build 2D games using Unity. Previously, I had only worked with 3D projects. Also learned to design UIs that accomodate different screen sizes and learned to optimize components to run more efficiently on mobile devices.
Tech Stack
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Google Mobile Ads SDK
  • Google Play Console
iOS App
July 2019
Hyper Typer
An iOS typing game that tests a player's typing skills. It provides a multitude of texts from different genres and tracks the player's performance over time.
What I Learned
Learned to use CocoaPods to manage external dependencies. Also learned to use Core Data to store user data. Learned to use Storyboards to build simple UIs and Apple's Auto Layout to accomodate for different screen sizes.
Tech Stack
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Core Data
  • Storyboards
  • CocoaPods
iOS App
February 2018
iPlay Music
An iOS music player. Delivers all features of a music player including the ability to play and control the music while the app is in the background.
What I Learned
Learned to use Storyboards and Apple's Auto Layout system. This app helped me understand how mobile apps are not as easy to build as it may otherwise seem. The project gave me a challenge and got me into the iOS development scene.
Tech Stack
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Storyboards
  • Auto Layout
Java Desktop App
May 2017
Jumpy Joe
A platformer game that challenges you to collect coins and reach a flag to advance to the next level. Enemies will try to stop you. Can you win?
What I Learned
Learned to create sprite animations, simulate gravity, implement collision detection, and track a user's progress as he or she plays. Learned to use Java to build game components and integrate all pieces to make a fully-functioning game.
Tech Stack
  • Java
  • Greenfoot IDE
Java Desktop App
May 2017
3D Game Engine
A Java 3D Game Engine. Much progress was made, but not completed. Followed ThinMatrix's YouTube tutorial series linked in the GitHub repo.
What I Learned
Learned about graphics libraries and how they are designed to help display content on a desktop application. This project helped me appreciate all early game developers and understand just how hard their job actually is.
Tech Stack
  • Java
  • Lightweight Java GL
  • OpenGL
  • Eclipse IDE
C++ Game
October 2015
An ASCII-Based Dungeons and Dragons game. My very first programming project. This game set the stage for my passions and led me to where I am today.
What I Learned
Learned to apply my studies of object-oriented programming into a completely fresh project. I was able to practice implementing classes, controlling memory leaks, and using a machine's input and output stream.
Tech Stack
  • C++
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